Thursday, April 9, 2015

BMW F30 335d xDrive with 440 hp

BMW diesel-powered models have plenty of supporters touting their fuel efficiency, but many consider them somewhat slower and less powerful than their petrol-powered counterparts.

Thankfully, this BMW F30 335d xDrive shows us how powerful, quick and efficient the diesel powered vehicles really are. This particular vehicle has been tuned by Profi Tuning and it now delivers 440 horsepower and 800Nm of torque. Rather impressive numbers!

The stock BMW F30 335d xDrive comes with a 313 horsepower engine, which makes this tune a healthy increase of 87 horsepower, allowing the vehicle to achieve some interesting performance numbers.


This BMW 335d xDrive can now accelerate from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in just 4 seconds. To accelerate from 62-124mph (100-200km/h), it takes this 335d just 11 seconds. The acceleration time for the 0-124mph (0-200km/h) will be done in 15 seconds. Impressive numbers, for any model, not just diesels.

Top speed is limited to 300 km/h (187 mph)

According to the tuning company, this is currently the fastest diesel powered vehicle in the world. Please take a few moments and witness the acceleration in the video down below.

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