Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tragic accident overshadows VLN opener on the Nordschleife

BMW Sports Trophy Team Schubert, BMW Sports Trophy Team Marc VDS and many other privateer BMW teams were in action in the VLN Endurance Championship at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife (DE) on Saturday. However, the first race of the year was overshadowed by a serious accident with tragic consequences.

A good hour into the race, a car left the track and finally came to a stop behind the safety barriers. According to the organisers, several spectators were injured. Despite receiving immediate medical attention, one person succumbed to their injuries in the medical center at the racetrack.

The remaining injured spectators were taken to hospital for further medical care. The race was red-flagged to allow the emergency services quick access to the scene of the accident, and was not restarted.


Nissan factory driver Jann Mardenborough’s GT-R became airborne, the car hit the wall, then flipped over the main catch fence, landing on its roof among the spectators. A a secondary fence meant to keep people away from the main catch fence was in place, but fans had circumvented it to get closer to the action. The crash happened at the Flugplatz section of the circuit where airborne cars are not unusual.

Here is the video with a warning that images might be disturbing to some:

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