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Rumor: BMW to replace the X2 with the new XCite model

Rumors of a BMW X2 model first came to life in 2014. The planed X2 Sports Activity Coupe was planned to be slotted between the X1 SAC and the new X4 four-door crossover. There weren’t any test mules spotted or any official information, aside from BMW registering the trademark for the X2 name, so the mystery around the X2 continued into 2015.

A source close to brand now says that the X2 might not reach the production lines at least not in the form we expected. The F47 X2 is allegedly going to be replaced by the rumored XCite model, which might still carry the X2 name. Basically we were told that the X2’s design is being scrapped and new sketches are in works for the XCite model.

BMW X2 rendering

BMW X2 rendering

Initially the X2 was rumored to be a three-door version of the new F48 X1, with a more aggressive, coupe styling, angular headlights and larger kidney grills. The X2 would have almost be like a big hot hatch.

On the other hand, the 1 Series Sport Cross or XCite, will straddle two segments. It will be neither a 1 Series “SUV” nor a downsized X1, but it will likely be badged the 1 Series Sport Cross when it hits the market. The crossover is based on the UKL front-wheel drive platform and would sit below the second-generation BMW X1, also a front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive crossover.

bmw-xcite bmw-xcite-crossover

The BMW 1 Series Sports Cross aims to extend the next generation 1 Series which will move to a front-wheel drive layout.

Rumormill churns out that a five-door hatch will arive in 2018 and a three-door variant a year later. The exterior and interior design will also be different from today’s BMW lineup. Although BMW’s design freeze is still several months away, most proposals are quite progressive and polarizing, sources say. The design could feature a compact greenhouse on top of a muscular body; a wide stance; a long nose, long roof, and wide track; and an edgy mix of M Sport and X-line styling elements.

XCite will be available with three- and four-cylinder engines and with six-speed manual or automatic transmissions.

So the king is dead, long live the king!

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