Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lusty vintage BMW 2002 driven by Petrolicious

The line that exists between massaging a classic into a more rapid version of itself and mutating it into a sacrilegious heathen is a fine one, and one often overstepped. Overzealous enthusiasts sometimes mistake ‘more’ for ‘better’ – and lose sight of their vintage sports car’s soulful purpose.

The owner of the handsome BMW 2002 featured in this recent review and photo-shoot by Petrolicious seems to have achieved a Goldilocks measure of performance and aesthetic enhancement. Having added haste and emboldened looks in equal parts, the car seems to have retained its spirit and classic appeal – at least from where I’m sitting.


In his article, the author touches upon a universal automotive truth which we at BMWBLOG have espoused for years – that it is in fact more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow; hence the massive appeal of classic BMWs.


In his own words, “…high-performance cars have been too fast for public roads for quite some time now. Nevertheless, there seems to be no end to the constant upstaging amongst auto manufacturers or the public’s appetite for the outcome. Still, the old idea of driving a slow car fast seems more relevant today than ever before…

“Angular fender flares punctuate the car’s four corners, giving this once tame BMW a stubborn, combative stance. Yellow fog lights, Minilite wheels and aggressive front air dam fashion a narrative reminiscent of old European rally competitors. From the rear, the license plate reads, “STITCH”, a reference to the car’s distinctive petrol blue paint. Radu’s background in automotive design, coupled with his inherent flair for color and apparent fetish for Disney permeate through the car’s aesthetic—the results of which are impossible for me to resist.”


Enjoy the rich photos before heading over to Petrolicious for the full review.

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[Source: Petrolicious ]

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